The sub-dealer’s role are as follows: [read top to bottom]

1. Register new LoadCentral retailer accounts
2. Dispense initial LoadCentral credits (or load wallets)
3. Monitor sales levels of retailers
4. Monitor and replenish load wallet levels of retailers



Loadcentral Main Access # : 09229990214

Loadcental Backup Access #’s :
Smart : 0920-9456856 or 0920-9456857
Globe : 0917-8662418
Sun : 0922-8504340

I. Retailer Registration via SMS

1. To register a retailer, the Dealer or Sub Dealer must text the following:

reg[space][6-digit password][space][mobile # of retailer][space][full name of retailer][comma][address of retailer][comma][email address of retailer] and send to Loadcentral Access #.

1bro 1bro

Note : If no E-mail addresss, type

2. Approved Retailers do not need to confirm their registration. They will receive a message informing them of a successful registration. This message will read:

“You are now a Retailer of 639xxxxxxx. Your Password is 123456 To change, type Change[space]123456[space][6-digit password]send to LoadCentral access #.”


3. The Sub-dealer will also receive a message which reads :

“LoadCentral: You have a new retailer under your account with ID 639xxxxxxx.”


II. Transferring Credits to Retailers via SMS
1.Sub Dealer sends the Retailer the agreed amount of load wallet credits. To transfer load wallet, type:

Transfer[space][Dealer or Sub Dealer's 6-digit password][space][Mobile no. of Retailer][space][wallet amount]. Send to LoadCentral Access Number.

1bro 1bro

2. The Retailer then receives the text:

Your Wallet has been reloaded Pxxxxx by 639xxxxxx. Your balance is Pxxxxx.xx. Trace #: xxxxxx


3. The Sub-dealer gets a text Confirmation about the transfer of credits to his Retailer.

You have successfully transferred Pxxxxx to 639xxxxxxx. Your wallet balance is Pxxxx.xx. Trace #: xxxxxx


III. Balance Inquiry via SMS
1. To check for remaining balance, type:

Bal[space][6-digit password]. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

IV. Changing your FL Password (SMS Password) via SMS
1. To change the Password, type:

Changepw[space]Old Password[space]New Password. Send to LoadCentral Access #.

1bro 1bro

2. LoadCentral sends a confirmation to the Subdealer.

Password successfully changed. You are registered as Retailer 639xxxxxxxxx of Dealer ID 639xxxxxxxxx. Your new password is 654321


V. Locking & Unlocking Webtool Access
To LOCK the web tool access, please type:

LOCK[space]password. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

LoadCentral will send a confirmation :


To UNLOCK the web tool access, please type:

UNLOCK[space]password. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

LoadCentral will send a confirmation :




I. Loging in as a sub-dealer

1. Open your web browser  and go to the LoadCentral Webtool site
2. Log in to your sub-dealer account by keying in your assigned username and password
*Username (remember to start with 63 instead of 0) and clicking on the Log in button.


3. Once you have signed in to your sub-dealer account, your username/wallet balance/ gro earnings and logout are located as (shown in #1) change your passwords immediately by clicking on the Change password and/or Second Level Password Menu (shown in #2).


4. You will be directed to this screen:


Your sub-dealer account has two (2) passwords, namely the first-level (FL) password and the second-level (SL) password. Here are the functions of the passwords:

FL password – for signing in to the LoadCentral Webtool, or,
- for mobile phone activities (if a mobile phone is optionally registered)

SL password – for registering retailers under the sub-dealer account, or,
- for transferring load wallet to retailers under the sub-dealer account

5. Change your passwords in sequence, by changing the FL password first (at the upper portion of the screen) by populating the necessary fields. Your “current password”, or FL password, is set at the default 123456. Make sure that your new password (to be keyed in twice) is no less than 6 alphanumeric characters long (e.g. abc123) before clicking the “Change password” button. The phrase “Password for sub-dealer changed.” will appear on top of the screen if done correctly. Otherwise, repeat the process as a typographical error has likely occurred.

6. Change your SL password by keying in your username, your new FL password, your current SL password (123456) and your new 6-character alphanumeric SL password. Click on the “Change SL password button” once the password has been entered into the last two fields. The phrase “SL Password for sub-dealer changed.” will appear on top of the screen if done correctly.

Once done, click on the “Logout” button (near the top right of the screen) and log in again using your new FL password. You are now ready to register retailers.

II. Registering retailers

1. Once you have signed in again, click on the “Register a retailer” link (shown in #2).


2. Populate all fields with asterisks (*) such as Last name, First Name, address, etc.


3. Key in your desired username (e.g. 639XXXXXXXXX) for the retailer. A dynamic IP address can be selected in the Web IP Address Type: so that the specific LoadCentral retailer account can accessed his/her account on any device connected to the internet ( Important: best option for security purposes use Static IP address).

Enter your SL Password and click on the “Register New Retailer” button. If successful, a confirmation message will appear near the top of the screen. Otherwise, correct all wrong or missing entries in the required fields.

III. Transferring LoadCentral Credits (Load wallet) to the retailer

1. Sign in to your LoadCentral sub-dealer account. Click on the “View all retailers” link  (shown in #2).


2. Identify the retailer you want to reload. Key in the amount you want to transfer to your retailer (e.g. 500 pesos), input your SL Password, then click reload. A confirmation message will appear on top once all fields have been filled out correctly.


IV. Monitoring your sub-dealer account and your retailers
A variety of monitoring tools have been placed in the sub-dealer account. Just sign in to your account and you will see them at the middle down to the bottom of the sub-dealer home screen  (shown in #3) .


The sub-dealer may generate reports within a chosen start date and a chosen end date. The sub-dealer may choose these dates by clicking on the small calendar icons below the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields. Each report may be generated in HTML or EXCEL format for ease of saving into the computer. These reports are described next.

1. Sales Transaction report – shows all the sales transactions of the selected retailer/s within a chosen start date and end date.
2. Summary of Retailers’ Sales report – shows the total sales of all the retailers under the sub-dealer account within a chosen start date and end date
3. Retailer GRO report – shows the Gross Retailer Override (GRO), or the earnings of the sub-dealer, from the chosen retailer/s
4. GRO summary report – shows the GRO of the sub-dealer from all of the retailers registered under the sub-dealer account.
5. SubDealer Wallet Transfer report – shows all the load wallet or credits received and dispensed by the sub-dealer within a chosen start date and end date.

The sub-dealer’s earnings is computed as the difference between the sub-dealer discount and the retailer discount. For example:

PRODUCT Sub-dealer Retailer
PRODUCT X 11.50 10.45
PRODUCT Y 12.00 10.50

For product X, the sub-dealer will earn a gross retailer override (GRO) of 1.05% (11.5 – 10.45). The GRO adds to the sub-dealer’s load wallet every time any of his/her retailers sells a product to a customer.

The sub-dealer may also generate a list of its retailers with load wallet balances less than a specified amount, or register several retailers at the same time.

V. Reloading the Sub-dealer Load Wallet

visit this page for options on how to reload your Loadcentral wallet.