Loadcentral Main Access # : 09229990214

Loadcental Backup Access #’s :
Smart : 0920-9456856 or 0920-9456857
Globe : 0917-8662418
Sun : 0922-8504340

I. Selling Products via SMS

1. Type the Product Code that the buyer (end-user) chose and paid for: See complete product code list HERE!

Product Code[space]password[space]mobile no. of buyer & send to LoadCentral Access #.

1bro 1bro

2. Selling more than one ePin to the same buyer via SMS

Product Code[space]password[space]mobile no. of buyer[space]quantity & send to LoadCentral Access #.

1bro 1bro

3. Loadcentral Retailer and Buyer gets a confirmation from LoadCentral.
Retailer recieve a sms saying:

You have successfully made an epin sale SB300 to 639xxxxxxxxx. Your wallet balance is Pxxxx.xx. Trace #: xxxxxxx


Buyer receive a sms saying:


II. Balance Inquiry via SMS
1. To check for remaining balance, type:

Bal[space][6-digit password]. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

III. Changing your FL Password (SMS Password) via SMS
1. To change the Password, type:

Changepw[space]Old Password[space]New Password. Send to LoadCentral Access #.

1bro 1bro

2. LoadCentral sends a confirmation.

Password successfully changed. You are registered as Retailer 639xxxxxxxxx of Dealer ID 639xxxxxxxxx. Your new password is 654321


IV. Locking & Unlocking Webtool Access
To LOCK the web tool access, please type:

LOCK[space]password. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

LoadCentral will send a confirmation :


To UNLOCK the web tool access, please type:

UNLOCK[space]password. Send to LoadCentral access #.

1bro 1bro

LoadCentral will send a confirmation :



I. Selling Products via MyPhone MyNegosyo Menu

1. Press the MENU( with the red circle of the example phone below ) then look for the Pinoy Icon (Heart Shape):

Example phone model below is B88 Duo. Press MENU > Pinoy.


2. After Pinoy menu scroll and select my|negosyo menu then select the designated simcard that was registered as loadcentral retailer then select my|money menu:

1bro    next   1bro    next   1bro

3. Inside my|money menu:
Wallet Balance – where you can check your remaining loadwallet amount.
E-Load – Sell electronic loads (Over The Air) to all networks
Call Cards – Sell e-pins to all networks
Gaming Cards – Level-up, Mobius etc.
Others – Smartlink, Dream Satellite etc.
Send Number Setting – Loadcentral Access Number stored and used for sending the transactions. IMPORTANT! This must be check first in the first time using your myphone to avoid inconvenience. Some old model phone are still using old 2948 send number setting which are now obsolete. Change the 2948 send number to current LOADCENTRAL ACCESS NUMBER Listed above depending on your registered simcard network. Use SMART access# if you are using Smart, GLOBE access# if you’re using Globe and so forth…

1bro    next   1bro    next   1bro  next  1bro
if 2948 or other number and not included in the current LOADCENTRAL ACCESS# main or backup or you wish to your SIM Network Access# to enjoy the UNLIMITED Text for your transaction SELECT the <Empty> then Edit and input the appropriate ACCESS # you want to use and after that Activate.
1bro  next  1bro

4. To Sell LOADS: Ex. E-load
Scroll and select E-load > network ex. Smart & Talk N’ Text >  denomination/product code 30 (Economy) > enter the client cellphone number and your password. Important! If client number has multiple the same transaction with in a day, alternately change the prefix 0 to 63 and vice versa to avoid duplicate transactions.

1bro    next   1bro    next   1bro  next   1bro
double check your client number then press SEND. Successfully Sent status if successful and Message Failed but Saved most commonly you do not have enough balance on your sim’s regular load. Remember: P1.00 per transaction


To access the Webtool, log-in to: or and enter the Retailer’s Username (mobile number) and Password. Always put a 63 instead of 0 as the pre-fix of your mobile number.


A successful log in will open the window below:


1. Your Retailer Number is displayed along with your real-time Wallet Balance.
2. Transaction Status
Status of your Sale transaction is displayed above the Retailer’s Webtool

3. How to change password using webtool
1. Click the change password button
2. Provide the required information
*Username (remember to start with 63 instead of 0)
SMS or First Level(FL) Password
Old Password, New Password
(minimum of 6 characters)


To avoid being locked in webtool everyday – your SMS and WEBTOOL password should be DIFFERENT (retailers account passwords is being check by loadcentral system every 24 hours and locked webtool access with the same passwords for security purpose).

4. How a Retailer Makes a Sale:
1.Select a Product Category where the product to sell belongs to (i.e ELOAD PRODUCTS).
2. Click the drop-down arrow to view all available products and choose the product to sell.
3. Enter buyer’s number on the “Buyer’s No.” field.
You may input a maximum of 10 on the “Quantity” field if selling on e-PIN product, then click “Sell Product”.
Note that it is REQUIRED to input amount on the “Option” field if selling GLOBE/TM Amax Other products
(i.e type 28 for PHP28)

5.How to resend:
1.Just place the mobile number of the buyer in the sapce provided.
2. Click resend
3. System will resend the e-PIN.

6. How the Retailer Generate a Sales Report:
1. Click the Start Date. Select the date you want your sales report to start.
2. Click the End Date. Select the date you want your sales report to end.
3. Click Generate Sales Transaction report.

7. Reloading the Retailer Load Wallet

visit this page for options on how to reload your Loadcentral wallet.